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"packers Falls"the Lamprey
Name: "packers Falls"the Lamprey
County: Strafford / Rockingham
Acreage: -
Public Fishing: Yes
Species: American Eel
Brown Trout
Smallmouth Bass
Brook Trout
Rainbow Trout
Largemouth Bass
Yellow Perch
White Perch
Brown Bullhead
Rainbow Smelt
Shoreline: 43 miles
Location Details: The Lamprey is a truly exceptional river offering a vast variety of fishing. It contains every type of stream and river fish you could expect to find in New England. Undeveloped along it's entire length, except at Newmarket, It is a pretty river to be on and to fish. The state stocks the Lamprey River heavily with trout and there is good to excellent trout fishing in the upper parts of the river around the Wiswall Dam and Packers Falls, and in the tributaries of the North and Little Rivers.

The Lamprey also boasts excellent Bass fishing in it's lower reaches, especially in the waters just above Wiswall Dam to the head of the tidewaters in Newmarket. The section of Newmarket near Rt. 108 below Packers Falls is the best Pickerel and Bass ice-fishing spot in southeastern NH. This is a good section to float with a boat or canoe. Easy access is available off of many roads near the river. Saltwater Smelt is another Lamprey River specialty. In winter, Smelt ice-fishing is popular, especially below the Newmarket Dam. Smelt may be taken as soon as the ice forms through March. The Lamprey River also contains large numbers of White Perch which may be taken through the ice with the same tackle and bait used for Smelt. The best time to fish for White Perch is the winter or in early spring. There are many access points to the river and several places to park, buy bait and rent ice-houses in the area.

Some ristrictions for winter fishing but man this is the spot to be for your trout fishing. personally i like winter fishing the most for affect on the mind and the determination to catch some of the hardest fighting trout in the east
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Packers Falls Packers Falls
Here's a pic of the set of falls known as Packers Falls on the Lamprey River! It can be a great swimming hole at times!
Added by: carpmaster

   Packers Falls Packers Falls
Here's a pic of the area just below Packers Falls while the Lamprey River is at a high point.
Added by: carpmaster

Packers Falls Packers Falls
Here's the sign posted at the site of Packers Falls on the Lamprey River.
Added by: carpmaster

   cold feet and a nice fight cold feet and a nice fight
Added by: troutluster
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cold feet nice fight by troutluster
packers falls by hippiechick1976
packers falls again by hippiechick1976
july 4th bash by hippiechick1976
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